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LFK Extraction Arms

LFK U Extraction Arms

Our HFH LFK U portable filter system is a perfect fit for environments where protection against viruses is absolutely essential, such as dental clinics, healthcare facilities and laboratories in the UK.


The HFH LFK U is an effective and flexible solution consisting of a fan, filter and fume extractor in a single unit. It is highly suitable for use in healthcare environments where exhaled air, which could potentially contain viruses or residues from inhaled medicines, can be problematic.

The LFK U is available in two versions: LFK 150U with a Ø50 mm extractor arm, and LFK 175U with a Ø75 mm extractor arm. LFK U works according to the low-vacuum principle, which entails a very low risk of filter failure, produces little noise and has low power requirements.

For maximum efficiency, the LFK U is equipped with a highly efficient filter (ULPA 15 rating), an optimised fan with a highly efficient EC motor with speed control and a flexible ME extractor arm, which featu- res the lowest pressure drop on the market.

Among the accessories is the LF TR, a portable trolley on lockable wheels with bracket for the ME extractor arm. LF TR is compact and easily blends into the work environment.

The fan and filter can be combined with other extractors available in the HFH range of products.


Viruses in dry form have a size of 0.08-0.12 μm but are usually bound to an aerosol and are therefore almost always larger. A ULPA filter is very good at filtering these particles.

The LFK U has an ULPA filter (FPU 50) as stan- dard. The filter is rated ULPA 15 and tested in accordance with EN 1822-1 and has a separation efficiency >99.9995%.

The filter is tested using the MPPS (Most Penetra- ting Particle Size) method with a size of 0.17 μm, which is the most difficult size for a filter to cap- ture. For smaller or larger particles, the filter has higher separation efficiency.

The filter test is carried out at flow of 100 m³/h (28 l/s) per m² filter area. At higher flows per m², the fil- ter efficiency is reduced. The FPU 50 has a filter area of 5 m² and can thus tolerate a flow of up to
500 m³/h without diminished separation efficiency.

The FPU 50 filter should be replaced once every 6 months.


  • Mobile Trolley LF TR - Mobile trolley for LFK U with lockable swivel wheels and mount for ME extractor arm.
  • Exhaust Air Adapter - Ø125 mm exhaust air duct connector. Cannot be combined with LF TR.
  • Flexible Suction Nozzle
  • Square Hood - Dimensions 300x360 mm
  • Flat Screen Hood - Dimensions 300x195 mm
  • Dome Hood - Dimensions 350 mm


Complete Kit

The complete kit for easy installation contains:
· Fan FF 100 · Filter FPU 50
· Hose SL-100LF, 3 m · Table mount MBF


LFK 150U · Extractor arm MEB 1300-50
· Suction Nozzle MES 300-50
LFK 175U · Extractor arm MEB 1300-75
· Suction Nozzle MES 300-75

Surface Finishing

Sheet metal parts Powder coated, galvanised
Aluminum parts Anodised


Particle filter designed to meet the highest filtration requirements (ULPA 15 rating), tested in accordance with EN 1822-1 with separation efficiency >99.9995% MPPS.

Hose Type

PVC-coated polyamide fabric with fully embedded spring steel coil. Temperature range -10 °C to 90 °C.


Fan housing in ABS plastic. EC motor with variable speed control in two versions:

FF 100-230V - 200-240V - 1,32 A - 165 W - 50-60 Hz
FF 100-115V - 100-130V - 2,1 A - 145 W - 50-60 Hz

Sound level 60 dB(A) Max temperature 50 °C
Recommended air flow:
LFK 150U: 75 m³/h (21 l/s) LFK 175U: 150 m³/h (42 l/s)


LFK 150U 12 kg
LFK 175U 13 kg


Dimensional Drawings

LFK U Extraction Arm

LFK U Extraction Arm Drawing 

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